Our benefits

1- Competitive prices
2- Focusing on the people’s health
3- A wide, strong and fast distribution network
4- Focus on supplying high-quality products from around the world
5- Variety of products in different weights and flavors of each brand
6- Customer loyalty due to the taste and cost-effectiveness of the products

Our Mission

Food security
At ATN, we are committed to increasing food security by providing high-quality products, and our activities do not harm to land and the environment.

Quality and value
Valuable Iranian products such as saffron, which is famous in the world, are due to the favorable climate that our country has; we are also offering products, which are made with high-quality raw materials, to promote our native products and culture in Iran and in the world.
We believe that our products are valued because our customers receive what they pay: high-quality products with excellent taste, which are the result of a health-care process.

Our vision
Gaining customer loyalty by delivering high-quality, tasty and affordable products.
we want to provide healthy foods that are high nutritional value so that we all live in a healthier society.


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